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Systemic Research & Innovation

SYRION is a non-profit organisation for scientific research, development, improvement and implementation of new knowledge and sustainable technologies in the field of technical and human-centred systems, associated business and operating models and the training of corresponding human capital.

Our Mission

Research and development of systems

Promoting the research and development of systems and the interaction of corresponding subsystems / components

Cooperative research and innovation

Exploration of trends, identification of corresponding cooperative research and innovation opportunities and contribution to their implementation

Interdisciplinary networking

Promotion of interdisciplinary networking, know-how and exchange of experience of researchers, developers and innovators in the systemic field

Dissemination through teaching

Strengthening the dissemination of knowledge and technologies on systemic research and innovation, e.g. through teaching and lecturing activities

Knowledge and technology transfer

Supporting knowledge and technology transfer between companies and scientific institutions, but also the public sector

Development of strategic positions

Support in the development of strategic positions between research, industry and technology policy at national and international level

Infrastructure for research and innovation projects

Provision of infrastructure for the submission and processing/implementation of research and innovation projects

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